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The G.R.I. ALFA TANGO is the most famous DX Group on 11 meters band. News, cluster, discussion boards and a lot of useful information on activations, dxpeditions, contests and meetings all around the world.

  Meeting Days: 27-28 August (Saturday and Sunday). Place: Asti - Aldo's Garden. Agenda: [...]

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Italian Provinces Award 2017
This award is open to all 11 meters operators all over the world, despite of their group or [...]
331/1AT148 from 01 through 15/07/2017 QSL via homecall  
  1AT/S027 Ognina Island by 1AT341 & 1AT608 on 27/06/2017 QSL via 1AT057
30AT/MDC 400 years after the death of Cervantes   S.E.S 8 to 24 April - 2016 QSL via [...]
14AT/22013R Camping Island - IWI by 14AT356 24 & 25/06/2017 QSL via 14AT16
8/13AT105 Peru by 13AT105 from 16/03 till 14/04/2015 diferents Cities: Lima, Cuzco [...]
30AT/V025 Moli de Cardona Island - IWI By 30AT130 From 10 through 25/06/2017 QSL via 30AT46
1AT-38Y S.E.S.
Many AT friends present in Asti during the AT World Meeting, will be on the air [...]
161AT/F003 Jantar Island - IWI Op. & QSL: 161AT29   From 15 through [...]
508AT0 28/02/2016 - 22/03/2016 More info later
16AT/VB001 Tervuren Island (IWI) by 16AT137 & 16AT227 10 & 11/6/2017 QSL via [...]