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The G.R.I. ALFA TANGO is the most famous DX Group on 11 meters band. News, cluster, discussion boards and a lot of useful information on activations, dxpeditions, contests and meetings all around the world.

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Build 146:

- Several enancements and small bugs fixed (Thanks to 1SD277, 26AT114, 1BIG142, 161AT142, 32AT104).

- Now is possible to choose for each QSO if send it or not to the cluster.

What new on the version 1.4.1:

Extended Awards management:

Other than the classic DXCC and IOTA management which have also been updated (thanks 13AT141 Max who always help me on the background), I have introduced 2 new awards:
- IWI (Inland Water Islads), thanks to the guys of Islands base Online who has allowed me the use of their immense database.
- WAS (Worked All States) for the divisions 2, 3, 10 and 43. More divisions will be added if someone will help me to find their data :) .

How the new awards works? It's extremely simple:

When you insert a callsign, for example 2xy345, the list of the 2 div. IWI and States will be loaded on the dedicated tab, so you can just select the proper one. That's all!

ClusterDx support extended:

Now you can also send your spots. In order to do so you need to be a ClusterDx registered user. This will allow to insert your username and password on the yaLOG! cluster agent which will use them to login, so each time you save a new contact in real time it will be also sent to the cluster. Easy! Only 'personal', 'holiday' and 'contest' stations can send their spots (please review the 'Station Asset' of the running log), in order to prevent the spot submission by Dx-Peditions or SE stations. Anyway, without the proper username and password the cluster will works in 'read only' mode, as usual.

Export formats semplified and improved:

- Textual format: allow to export with different separator values (comma, semicolon, TAB). You can so obtain the perfect CSV file suitable for Excel, for example.
- HTML: to export your log in a format which may be directly published as web page, easily and quickly.
- Cabrillo: if you need to import your data in another log program. I don't know how much this format is used, but the next version could include also the Adif format.
- WRM: for who partecipates to the World Radio Meeting (G.R.I. Alfa Tango) and don't want to renounce to use yaLOG!.

A lot of enhancements have been applied to the code in order to make yaLOG! more useful and comfortable, but they are all invisible to the users.

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