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26 Division L.O.T.A. Challenge

From01/03 through 31/12/2020
by 26AT16, 26AT43, 26AT77, 26AT705

General QSL Manager: 26AT077


26AT/ENG027 Crayford Ness Lighthouse  
26AT/ENG043 Lighthouse of Pharaho  
26AT/ENG046 Lighthouse of Glasson Dock Lancashire
26AT/ENG054 Lighthouse of Hodbarrow Old Cumbria
26AT/ENG072 Lowestoft Low  
26AT/ENG076 Lighthouse of Cockersland Low  Lancashire
26AT/ENG081 Mucking Flat  
26AT/ENG083 Lighthouse of Needles Point  Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG089 Northfleet Low Lighthouse  
26AT/ENG121 Scarborough  
26AT/ENG126 Silloth Point Cumbria
26AT/ENG135 Southwold  
26AT/ENG142 St Bees Head Cumbria
26AT/ENG143 Lighthouse of St. Catherine's Point Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG161 Walney Island Cumbria
26AT/ENG163 Whitby 1  
26AT/ENG164 Whitby 2  
26AT/ENG165 Whitby 3  
26AT/ENG166 Whitehavon Cumbria
26AT/ENG169 Whiternsea  
26AT/ENG171 Fleetwood Wyre Lancashire
26AT/ENG180 Lighthouse of Egypt Point Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG181 Lighthouse of St. Helen's Fort Isle of wight (EU120)
 26AT/ENG188  Lightship 93  
 26AT/ENG190  Morecambe Stone Pier  Lancashire
 26AT/ENG191  South Breakwater Head  
 26AT/ENG192  Heysham south pier head  
 26AT/ENG193  Hodborrow New  Cumbria
 26AT/ENG195  Fleetwood Low  Lancashire
 26AT/ENG197  Foulney Island  
 26AT/ENG198  Heysham South pier head  
 26AT/ENG199  Heysham North pier head  
 26AT/ENG201  Rampside  Cumbria
 26AT/ENG215  Dovecourt High  
26AT/ENG237 Lighthouse of No Man's Land Fort Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG277 Lighthouse of Beaulieu Millenium Beacon Hampshire
26AT/ENG293 Lighthouse of St. Catherine's Oratory Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG126 Lighthouse of Silloth Point Cumbria
26AT/ENG142 Lighthouse of St Bees Head Cumbria
26AT/ENG161 Lighthouse of Walney Island Cumbria
26AT/ENG166 Lighthouse of Whitehavon Cumbria
26AT/ENG171 Lighthouse of Fleetwood Wyre Lancashire
26AT/ENG190 Lighthouse of Morecambe Stone Pier Lancashire
26AT/ENG192 Lighthouse of Heysham south pier head Lancashire
26AT/ENG193 Lighthouse of Hodborrow New Cumbria
26AT/ENG195 Lighthouse of Fleetwood Low Lancashire
26AT/ENG197 Lighthouse of Foulney Island  
26AT/ENG198 Lighthouse of Heysham north pier head  
26AT/ENG201 Lighthouse of Rampside Cumbria
26AT/ENG215 Dovecourt High  
26AT/ENG237 No Man's Land Fort Isle of wight (EU120)
26AT/ENG245 Lighthouse of Whitehavon Head of Wst Pier Cumbria
26AT/ENG261  Lowestoft High  
 26AT/ENG275  Trinity Lightbouy London  
 26AT/ENG277  Beaulieu Millenium Beacon  Hampshire
 26AT/ENG289  Stoneness Light  
 26AT/ENG293  St. Catherine's Oratory  Isle of wight (EU120)
 26AT/ENG307  Purfleet H  
26AT/ENG315 Lighthouse of Plover Scar Lancaster
 26AT/ENG329  Orfordness  
 26AT/ENG374  Flambrough Old  
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