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AT common contest rules


Contacts validity

  1. To be valid a contact must include the progressive numbers given and received, the full call sign and the operator name.
  2. The progressive given must always start from the number 1 (one) and continue gradually without holes, duplication and / or strocked numbers as 22/22 a/a etc.
  3. Only contacts that can be verified are considered valid. This mean that if the station you have contacted don't send i'ts log also your contact is not valid.
  4. If a contact is not valid for a station, also the correspondant contact of the other station is not valid.
  5. A station can be contacted one once for single event, unless exemptions of single contest regulation.
  6. The log of the contest (paper or digital) must be edited by the concerned person. Contacts can not be confirmed by others (eg QSL Manager).
  7. Contacts with SES, Dx-Peditions and activations in general are not valid.
  8. The contacts are valid only if edited on paper AT logs or with the official contest software.  Other means will not be considered, unless exceptions agreed in advance and restricted to specified contest.
  9. Is admitted during the contest to contact a second time a station by radio, in order to correct or confirm the contact.
  10. Is strictly prohibited, with the exception of the previous rule 9, to request confirmation corresponding by any means as email, Skype etc., both during the contest within the period for sending logs. These anti ethics behaviors will produce the disqualification and can result in disciplinary actions.


  1. A log is valid also with one contact only.
  2. Paper logs must be edited on the official contest logsheet. Other logs will be ignored and contacts excluded from the results grid.
    They must always send in an editable document format (word, excel, txt, pdf) and not in picture format (jpg, bmp, gif, etc.)
  3. The logs edited manually must be easily readable. Erasures and corrections should not hide what is written above. Illegible logs will be discarded.
  4. Digital logs are accapted only if produced by the official contest software.
  5. The log must be sent until the declared period and in any case no more than 30 days after that period. Is faculty of the contest manager to accept logs received after that date and, if possible, include them in the results.
  6. The confirm of reception may be desumed by the presence of the log in list of received logs published on the official contest site.  This nolmally happen in a few days, so if you can't see your log here please contact the Contest Manager for agreements.  The contest manager is not obliged to confirm the log reception in other way.
  7. Is strictly forbidden to modify the log after the end of the contest. Manipulations will produce the disqualification and can result in disciplinary actions.
  8. If in case the above reasons a log is not acceptable, all the present contacts will be null also for the correspondants.
  9. Is strictly forbidden to share the own or other log before of 15 days of the publication in the log reception list on the official contest site.  This behavior will produce their disqualification.


  1. The score and the assignation of bonus and awards are defined by each specific contest.

Final results

  1. Classifications depending by the contest type will be partially available only after the logs reception timeout.
    The complete results will available during the yearly world Meeting.
  2. The classifications will be published on the official group sites.
  3. After their publication, the results can not be modified any more. Emendaments may be considered only in cases of accepted complaints or errors on the results calculation.