Marconi's Celebrations

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To celebrate the World Radio Day and the International Marconi Day the G.R.I. ALFA TANGO will be on air with several Special Event Stations:


xxxAT/WRD - World Radio Day: 12/13 February 2022
xxxAT/IMD - International Marconi Day: 23/24/25 April 2022
1AT000 - 1AT000 is back on both dates! 


This is not a contest.  There are no rankings or special prizes. The special stations will operate as simple S.E.S. and will answer to all the hunters worldwide in honor of the Radio and in memory of its inventor Guglielmo Marconi.


The event is open to all 11m operators and prior registration is not required.

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WRD 2022 
The special events will take place:

World Radio Day (48 hours) International Marconi Day (72 hours)
From 00:00 UTC 12/02/2022 to 23:59 UTC 13/02/2022 From 00:00 UTC 23/04/2022 to 23:59 UTC 25/04/2022

Band and bandplan:
Activity must take place on 11m band. The section of the band between .500 and .600 included (called DX part) cannot be used for QSO. In fact, our special stations will operate on the basis of this bandplan.
Participants are encouraged to comply with current legislation regarding the use of their equipment and the allocated band.
Hunters can only make QSO with special Event stations once and the two sessions are considered as a single "on air" event period. DUPE QSO are not allowed.
Exchange and Validity of contacts:
There is no serial number system (no progressive numbers).
Just 59 or 599, in the log.
The validity of the QSO will be verified by our softwares. There is no need for hunters to submit their log: QSO will be confirmed based on the special event stations logs.

QSL system and Certificate download:
All QSO will be verified and confirmed through and that QSO confirmation will be full valid, for all purposes.
On the end of the event all hunters will be able to download their participation certificate (full color award A4) from the AT Portal.

Paper QSL 
QSL via 1AT041 Lory (Marco's Team)

Note that the paper QSL of the last edition are also available: 1AT0, 1AT/IMD & 1AT/WRD - Year 2021


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