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001 Aldo memorial - 2023 Activated Stations

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32 Updated: 25/11/2023 09:00 UTC / Edition 2023

! Checkback later for 2024 !

Aldo's Memorial Management: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (by 1AT012)

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Activated Stations and logbook received:

 1AT001A; 1AT001L; 1AT001D; 1AT001O

 2AT001A; 2AT001L; 2AT001D; 2AT001O

 3AT001A; 3AT001L; 3AT001D; 3AT001O


 5AT001/L; 5AT001/O

 9AT001A; 9AT001L; 9AT001D; 9AT001O




 14AT001A; 14AT001L; 14AT001O


 16AT001A; 16AT001L; 16AT001D

 19AT001A; 19AT001L; 19AT001D; 19AT001O




 26AT001A; 26AT001L; 26AT001D; 26AT001O


 30AT001A; 30AT001L; 30AT001D; 30AT001O

 31AT001L; 31AT001D; 31AT001O

















 91AT001A; 91AT001L; 91AT001D; 91AT001O


 108AT001A; 108AT001L; 108AT001D; 108AT001O





 161AT001A; 161AT001L; 161AT001D; 161AT001O










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