England Counties Challenge 2021


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⚜ Please be aware the results are from 31 different operators creating 71 different logs in different formats with over 10,000 contacts.

I am sure somewhere along the line callsigns will have been misheard, callsigns will have been missed completely or errors may have been made in writing logs.

Picsart 22 01 08 20 38 51 349

These are the results from our operators and will not be changed so please don't be annoyed if your log is different.

📮 QSL cards are available via Mike 26AT077

Please email him: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

with your logs and voluntary contribution (same email for PayPal) or via 🐌 snail mail:

  • ATCC
    PO Box 6
    North Yorkshire
    HG4 3XB

 👏 Congratulations to all from England A.T.C.C.


 📕 Final Results (PDF)

Download this file (AT England Counties Challange 2021.pdf)26 Division - Challange 2021[Final Results]2010 kB
Download this file (England Counties Challange 2021_topscore.pdf)26 Division - Challange 2021[Top Scores]374 kB

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