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International Marconi Day 2023

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After the success of the World Radio Day 2023, the International Marconi Day 2023 will soon start for 96 hours of radio-activity:

Long commemorations, fully "on air", from Saturday 22 April (IMD official date) to Tuesday 25 April (Guglielmo Marconi's birthday), dedicated to the father of radio.

On the AT portal you will find all the info.

The 2022 certificates (IMD2022) are available for download:

This time our IMD S.E.S. will try to focus on all the propagation openings and also hoping for a good number of short-range QSO between Italy-Italy, EU-EU and so on.

Hunters please: just turn on your radio and do a QSO with all the special "xxxAT/IMD" stations + the 1AT000 which will operate from Bologna! (without sending your log)

The SES activators will try to give priority (e-sporadic and scatter permitting) to the stations of the same division and same continent. Be ready!

Enjoy IMD. Have Fun. 


Download this file (IMG-20230415-WA0023.jpg)IMD2023[checklist]478 kB

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