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AT Puglia Trophy 2024

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ALFA TANGO Puglia Trophy

4th Edition

The Puglia Trophy 2024 proposes contacting the largest number of references and units in Puglia region.

Contacts with the following references or special callsign will be valid:

- AT units of Puglia (with forward slash callsign P, U, G, L, I, A);

- ISLANDS (all those with prefixes P, J and Q)

- LOTA (lighthouses)

- SOTA (mountains)

- IMA (municipalities)

- IWI (internal water islands)

- PCT (coastal towers of Puglia).

New permanent award. Info on

Schedule: 10 – 30 June 2024 – start at 00:00 utc, end at 24:00 utc.

Participating Hunters: Individual operators of any DX group or independent.


2 points for each Puglia AT unit (ex: 1AT23/P; 1AT23/U; 1AT23/G; 1AT23/L; 1AT23/I; 1AT23/A).

Please note: each apulian operator will transmit using his callsign slashed with one of the letters of the word PUGLIA.

20 points for each ref. I.M.A., S.O.T.A, L.O.T.A., P.C.T., I.I.A., I.W.I.;

20 points for each daily contact with the Special Station 1AT-PUG.

x10 Multipliers

1) Completion of the word PUGLIA of each individual operator;

2) Contact with the JOLLY station: 1ATPT/J – Warning: sporadic activity!! Only 1 time in the LOG!

Logs: hunters do NOT have to send their logs, scores will be calculated based on the activators' logs.

The rankings will be published on the AT web portal after the logs have been completely processed. The awards will preferably take place during the world meeting. The first and second prizes (consisting of antennas) will be shipped with a contribution from recipients.

Activator awards: Wall plaque for the first activator from Puglia. Diploma for 2nd and 3rd place.

Hunter rewards

1st Pro-Skipper 3 element antenna (by 1AT090 Ivan) + Wall plaque

2nd Bamby Antenna (by 1AT48 Max) + Wall plaque

3rd personalized Wall plaque

- Free participation certificate (free download) for everyone

Golden award downloadable in PDF with special mention on the website (tba).

1st station in America

1st station in Asia and Pacific

1st station in Italy


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