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Guglielmo Marconi's 150th birthday

Thanks for QSO!


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Dear friends,

hoping that propagation will assist us, this year during the International Marconi Day 2024 there will be fun for sure:

Compared to the World Radio Day 2024 (last february) the number of activating stations has increased slightly and this is an advantage: to fill any absences; to allow the most active hunters to collect (regardless) a fair number of QSO and so on.

Note please that to commemorate in the best possible way the 150th anniversary of Guglielmo Marconi's birth during the event, together with the xxxAT000/R/A/D/I/O and "Special", there will be various stations with the suffix "GM150" :

Guglielmo Marconi 150! A unique and unrepeatable alphanumeric suffix (for our IMD) and absolutely to be worked and confirmed!

The paper QSL of the "/GM150" stations is made by Gaetano, 1AT511.

... For the next editions, starting 2025, we will probably back to the "IMD" suffix (or GM151) and we will try to improve especially the "Special" section to have a lot of traffic also on CW and digital.

Have fun:

25/26/27/28 April 2024

A long weekend of radio dedicated to Marconi!

All info are here!

See please the Checklist 2024 (by 1AT152) below in attach & the IMD-2023 awards (by 1AT074) are available!

Thank you all. Do not miss it!

Download this file (IMG-20240423-WA0008.jpg)GM150 - IMD 2024[checklist 1.0]512 kB

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