26 Division LOTA Challenge

01/03/2020 - 31/12/2020
26AT077 Mike


From01/03 through 31/12/2020
by 26AT16, 26AT43, 26AT77, 26AT705

General QSL Manager: 26AT077


26AT/ENG001 Anvil Point Dorset IO90ao
26AT/ENG202 Avonmouth Docks South Pier Head Avon IO81pl
26AT/ENG003 Avonmouth Docks North Pier Avon IO90ao
26AT/ENG004 Bamburgh/Black Rock Point Northumberland IO95do
26AT/ENG005 Beachy Head East Sussex JO00cr
26AT/ENG006 Belle Tout East Sussex JO00cr
26AT/ENG007 Berry Head Devon IO80gj
26AT/ENG008 Bideford/Braunton Devon H IO71vb
26AT/ENG009 Bidston Hill Merseyside IO83lj
26AT/ENG010 Bishop Rock Isles of Scilly IN69su
26AT/ENG011 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG012 Blacknore POINT Somerset IO81ol
26AT/ENG013 Blyth East Pier Head Northumberland IO95gc
26AT/ENG014 Bran Sand    
26AT/ENG015 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG016 Brixham Breakwater/Brixham Pier Devon IO80fj
26AT/ENG017 Bull Point Devon IO71ve
26AT/ENG018 Burnham-On-Sea High/Pillar Somerset IO81lg
26AT/ENG019 Burnham-On-Sea Low Somerset IO81lg
26AT/ENG020 Caistor H    
26AT/ENG021 Calshot Spit Lightship Hampshire -
26AT/ENG022 Chapman Essex H JO01hm
26AT/ENG023 Clark Wharf Spit (1854) H    
26AT/ENG024 Cockersands High/Cockersands Lancaster H -
26AT/ENG025 Coquet Island Northumberland IO95fh
26AT/ENG026 Corton H    
26AT/ENG027 Crayford Ness Essex JO01cl
26AT/ENG028 Cromer (Foulness) Norfolk JO02pw
26AT/ENG029 Crosby/Hightown Merseyside H IO83lm
26AT/ENG030 Braunton Sands Low/Crow Point Devon IO71vb
26AT/ENG031 Dartmouth Devon IO80fi
26AT/ENG032 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG033 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG034 Dover Castle/Roman Pharos/Dubris Pharos Kent JO01pc
26AT/ENG035 Dover North Pier Kent JO01pc
26AT/ENG036 Dover Admiralty Pier Kent JO01pc
26AT/ENG037 Dovercourt Low/Dovercourt Range Front Essex -
26AT/ENG038 Dungeness (Old) Kent JO00lv
26AT/ENG039 Eddystone Rocks Devon IO70ue
26AT/ENG040 Farne Island (Old) Northumberland H IO95eo
26AT/ENG041 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG042 Flamborough Head (New) Humberside IO94xc
26AT/ENG043 Fleetwood Upper Lancashire IO83lw
26AT/ENG044 Foreland Point/Lynmouth Foreland Devon IO81cg
26AT/ENG045 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG046 Glasson Dock Lancashire IO84na
26AT/ENG047 Godrevy Island Cornwall IO70hf
26AT/ENG048 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG049 Gunfleet Essex H JO01ps
26AT/ENG050 Happisburgh Norfolk JO02st
26AT/ENG051 Hartland Point Devon IO71ra
26AT/ENG052 Un-assigned   IO94jq
26AT/ENG053 Harwich Essex -
26AT/ENG054 Haverigg (New)/Hodbarrow Point (New) Cumbria IO84ie
26AT/ENG055 Hoylake Merseyside IO83jj
26AT/ENG056 Hunstanton Norfolk JO02fw
26AT/ENG057 Hurst Point White Tower (High) Hampshire IO90fr
26AT/ENG058 Hurst Point Gray Tower (Low) Hampshire IO90fq
26AT/ENG059 Ilfracombe/Lantern Hill Devon IO71wf
26AT/ENG060 Farne Island Northumberland IO95eo
26AT/ENG061 Killingholme North Humberside JO03cp
26AT/ENG062 Landguard Point H    
26AT/ENG063 Leasowe Merseyside IO83kj
26AT/ENG064 Lees Scar/Tommy Legs Cumbria IO84hu
26AT/ENG065 Lightship Bar (Planet #23) Merseyside IO83mj
26AT/ENG067 Liverpool North Wall Merseyside H IO83lk
26AT/ENG069 Longship Cornwall IO70db
26AT/ENG070 Longstone Island/Outer Farne Northumberland IO95ep
26AT/ENG071 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG072 Lowestoft High Suffolk JO02vl
26AT/ENG073 Lundy Island (Old) Devon IO71re
26AT/ENG074 Lundy Island North Devon IO71pe
26AT/ENG075 Lundy Island South East Devon IO71qe
26AT/ENG076 Cockersands Low Lancashire IO83nx
26AT/ENG077 Lightship Lynn Well    
26AT/ENG078 Maplin Sands/Maplin Essex H JO01kn
26AT/ENG079 Margate Pier Kent JO01qj
26AT/ENG080 Maryport Cumbria IO84fr
26AT/ENG081 Mucking Flat/Mucking Essex H JO01fl
26AT/ENG082 Nab Tower Isle of Wight IO90mq
26AT/ENG083 Needles Point Isle of Wight IO90eq
26AT/ENG084 Perch Rock/New Brighton Merseyside IO83lk
26AT/ENG085 Dungeness (New) Kent JO00lv
26AT/ENG086 Newhaven Breakwater East Sussex IO90xs
26AT/ENG087 North Foreland Kent JO01rj
26AT/ENG088 North Shields Tyne & Wear IO95ga
26AT/ENG089 Northfleet Essex -
26AT/ENG090 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG091 Eddystone (Old) Devon -
26AT/ENG092 Harwich Low   JO01ro
26AT/ENG093 Harwich High   JO01qp
26AT/ENG094 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG095 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG096 Orfordness Suffolk JO02tc
26AT/ENG097 Lightship Outer Gabbard    
26AT/ENG098 Pakefield H    
26AT/ENG099 Paull Humberside IO93vr
26AT/ENG100 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG101 Pendeen Cornwall IO70de
26AT/ENG102 Peninnis Head (St. Mary's Island Isles of Scilly) IN69uv
26AT/ENG103 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG104 Plymouth Breakwater Devon IO70vi
26AT/ENG105 Plymouth Harbour Devon IO70vi
26AT/ENG106 Battery Point/Portishead Point Avon IO81ol
26AT/ENG107 Portland Harbour South Channel Dorset IO80sn
26AT/ENG108 Portland Bill (High) Dorset IO80sm
26AT/ENG109 Portland Bill (Low) Dorset IO80sn
26AT/ENG110 Portsmouth Hampshire IO90ls
26AT/ENG111 Rands (1958) H    
26AT/ENG112 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG113 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG114 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG115 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG116 Roker/Sunderland North Pier Tyne & Wear IO94hw
26AT/ENG117 Roker/Sunderland South Pier Tyne & Wear IO94hw
26AT/ENG119 Lightship Royal Sovereign East Sussex H IO90sr
26AT/ENG121 Scarborough North Yorkshire IO94tg
26AT/ENG122 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG123 Seaham North Breakwater Durham IO94it
IO60xb Lightship Sevenstones 26AT/ENG124  
26AT/ENG125 Kingston Buci/Shoreham/Shoreham Middle Pier Range Rear East Sussex IO90vu
26AT/ENG126 Silloth Point Cumbria IO84hv
26AT/ENG127 Souter Tyne & Wear IO94hx
26AT/ENG128 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG129 South Foreland High/South Foreland Kent JO01qd
26AT/ENG130 South Foreland Low Kent JO01qd
26AT/ENG131 South Gare   IO94kp
26AT/ENG132 Lightship South Goodwin Kent -
26AT/ENG133 Southampton Pier Hampshire IO90hv
26AT/ENG134 Southsea Castle Hampshire IO90ls
26AT/ENG135 Southwold Suffolk JO02uh
26AT/ENG136 Lightship Spurn Humberside JO03cn
26AT/ENG137 Spurn Point High (Old) E. Yorkshire H JO03bn
26AT/ENG138 Spurn Point High E. Yorkshire JO03bn
26AT/ENG139 Spurn Point Low E. Yorkshire JO03bn
26AT/ENG140 St. Agnes Isles of Scilly IN69tv
26AT/ENG141 St. Anthony Head Cornwall IO70ld
26AT/ENG142 St. Bees Head Cumbria IO84el
26AT/ENG143 St. Catherine's Point Isle of Wight IO90in
26AT/ENG144 St. Ives East Pier Head Cornwall IO70hf
26AT/ENG145 St. Mary's Island Tyne & Wear IO95gc
26AT/ENG146 St. Mary's Pool (St. Mary's Island Isles of Scilly) IN69uv
26AT/ENG147 Lytham/Stanner Point/St. Anne's On Sea Lancashire H IO83lr
26AT/ENG148 Start Point Devon IO80ef
26AT/ENG149 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG150 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG151 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG152 Tater-Du Cornwall IO70eb
26AT/ENG153 Teignmouth/The Ness/The Den Devon IO80fn
26AT/ENG154 The Heugh/Hartlepool Harbour Cleveland IO94jq
26AT/ENG155 Thorngumbald Clough - High Yorkshire IO93vr
26AT/ENG156 Torquay Pier Devon H IO80fk
26AT/ENG157 Trevose Head Cornwall IO70ln
26AT/ENG158 Tyne South Pier Head Tyne & Wear IO95ha
26AT/ENG159 Tyne North Pier Head/Tynemouth Tyne & Wear IO95ha
26AT/ENG160 Un-assigned   IO95ga
26AT/ENG161 Walney Island Cumbria IO84ja
26AT/ENG162 Weymouth Stone Pier Dorset IO80so
26AT/ENG163 Whitby East Pier North Yorkshire IO94ql
26AT/ENG164 Whitby High North Yorkshire IO94rl
26AT/ENG165 Whitby West Pier North Yorkshire IO94ql
26AT/ENG166 Whitehaven Head Of North Pier Cumbria IO84en
26AT/ENG167 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG168 Un-assigned   IO93oq
26AT/ENG169 Withernsea Yorkshire JO03ar
26AT/ENG170 Wolf Rock Cornwall IN79cw
26AT/ENG171 Wyre River Lancashire IO83lw
26AT/ENG172 Yarmouth Castle Isle of Wight H IO90gq
26AT/ENG173 Berwick-Upon-Tweed Breakwater Northumberland -
26AT/ENG174 Watchet Harbour Light Somerset IO81he
26AT/ENG175 Killingholme South - High Humberside JO03cp
26AT/ENG176 Killingholme South - Low Humberside JO03cp
26AT/ENG177 Thorngumbald Clough - Low Yorkshire IO93vr
26AT/ENG178 Warkworth Harbour North Pier/Amble North Pier Northumberland IO95fi
26AT/ENG179 Warkworth Harbour South Pier/Amble South Pier Northumberland IO95fi
26AT/ENG180 Egypt Point Isle of Wight IO90is
26AT/ENG181 St. Helen's Fort Isle of Wight IO90lq
26AT/ENG182 Swinefleet (River Humber) Humberside -
26AT/ENG183 Yokefleet Ness (River Humber) Humberside -
26AT/ENG184 Faxfleet Ness (River Humber) Humberside -
26AT/ENG185 Whitgift Yorkshire IO93oq
26AT/ENG186 Blyth (OLD)    
26AT/ENG187 Hale Head Merseyside IO83oh
26AT/ENG188 Trinity Lightvessel 93/Lightship 93 (Trinity Buoy Wharf) London JO01am
26AT/ENG189 East Goodwin Lightship   JO01tf
26AT/ENG190 Morecambe Lancashire IO84nb
26AT/ENG191 Heysham South Breakwater Head Lancashire IO84ma
26AT/ENG192 Heysham South Pier Head Lancashire IO84na
26AT/ENG193 Haverigg (Old)/Hodbarrow Point (Old) Cumbria IO84ie
26AT/ENG194 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG195 Fleetwood Lower Lancashire IO83lw
26AT/ENG196 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG197 Foulney Island   IO84kb
26AT/ENG198 Heysham North Pier (High)   IO84na
26AT/ENG199 Heysham North Pier (Low)   IO84na
26AT/ENG200 Un-assigned   IO84ie
26AT/ENG201 Rampside/Walney Channel Middle Range Rear Cumbria IO84kb
26AT/ENG203 B1D Dowsing Platform Humberside JO03kn
26AT/ENG204 Bideford Instow Landing Range Front/Instow Range Front Devon IO81gb
26AT/ENG205 Blacktail Split East Essex JO01lm
26AT/ENG206 Blacktail Split West Essex JO01lm
26AT/ENG207 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG208 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG209 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG210 Blyth Snook Range (Front) Northumberland IO95fc
26AT/ENG211 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG212 Broadness Essex -
26AT/ENG213 Crow Rock Isles of Scilly IN69uw
26AT/ENG214 Dover Prince Of Wales Pier Head Kent JO01pc
26AT/ENG215 Dovercourt High/Dovercourt Range Rear Essex -
26AT/ENG216 Folkestone Breakwater Kent JO01ob
26AT/ENG217 Whitehouse Point Cornwall IO70qi
26AT/ENG218 Fowey Ferry Harbour/St. Catherine's Point Cornwall IO70qi
26AT/ENG219 Gorleston North Breakwater Norfolk IO92dn
26AT/ENG220 Gorleston Sea Range Front Norfolk IO92dn
26AT/ENG221 Gorleston South Breakwater Norfolk IO92dn
26AT/ENG222 Guile Point East/Old Law (Holy Island) Northumberland IO95cq
26AT/ENG223 Hilbre Island Merseyside IO83jj
26AT/ENG224 Holy Island/Emmanuel Head/Lindisfarne Northumberland IO95cq
26AT/ENG225 Horse Sand Fort Kent IO90lr
26AT/ENG226 Barrow Deep Lightship Suffolk -
26AT/ENG227 Bull Lightship Humberside IO93xj
26AT/ENG228 Haisborough Lightship Norfolk -
26AT/ENG229 Humber Lightship Humberside JO03dp
26AT/ENG230 Lightship Shipwash Suffolk -
26AT/ENG231 Lightship Sunk Suffolk JO01tu
26AT/ENG232 Lightship Tongue Kent -
26AT/ENG233 Un-assigned   IO90rt
26AT/ENG234 Mevagissey Pier Head Cornwall IO70og
26AT/ENG235 Newhaven East Pier Head East Sussex JO00as
26AT/ENG236 Newlyn Harbour South Pier Cornwall IO76fc
26AT/ENG237 No Man's Land Fort Hampshire IO90kr
26AT/ENG238 North Shields/Low Pier Tyne & Wear IO95ga
26AT/ENG239 Parson's Rock/Sunderland Tyne & Wear IO94hw
26AT/ENG240 Penzance Harbour South Pier Cornwall IO70fc
26AT/ENG241 Ramsgate Westpier Kent JO01rh
26AT/ENG242 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG243 Spy House Point Cornwall IO70ri
26AT/ENG244 Sunderland Inner Harbour (Rear) Tyne & Wear IO94hw
26AT/ENG245 Whitehaven Head Of West Pier Cumbria IO84en
26AT/ENG246 Birkenhead/Woodside Ferry Cheshire IO83lj
26AT/ENG247 Woolpack Point Isles of Scilly IN69uv
26AT/ENG248 Workington Harbour South Pier Head Cumbria IO84fp
26AT/ENG249 Banjo Pier Head/Looe Pier Cornwall IO70si
26AT/ENG250 Formby Merseyside H -
26AT/ENG251 Hopton High Suffolk H -
26AT/ENG252 Hopton Low Suffolk H -
26AT/ENG253 Hurst Point Old Stone Tower (Low) Hampshire IO90fq
26AT/ENG254 Bideford Instow Landing Range Rear/Instow Range Rear Devon IO81gb
26AT/ENG255 Kessingland Suffolk H -
26AT/ENG256 Portland Harbour East Ship Channel (A head) Dorset IO80sn
26AT/ENG257 Royal Sovereign East Sussex JO00fr
26AT/ENG258 North Sunderland/Seahouses Tyne & Wear IO95eo
26AT/ENG259 Un-assigned   IO90vu
26AT/ENG260 Spit Sand Fort Hampshire IO90ks
26AT/ENG261 Lowestoft Low Suffolk H JO02vl
26AT/ENG262 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG263 Lowestoft North Pier Suffolk JO02vl
26AT/ENG264 Lowestoft South Pier Suffolk JO02vl
26AT/ENG265 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG266 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG267 Hawke Lightship River Humber JO03bn
26AT/ENG268 Channel Lightship Channel Islands IN89nv
26AT/ENG269 Greenwich Lightship South Coast IO90xj
26AT/ENG270 Lightship Varne Dover Strait JO01qa
26AT/ENG271 Lightship Newarp    
26AT/ENG272 Inner Dowsing Lightship East Coast JO03gi
26AT/ENG273 Portland Bill (New) Dorset IO80sm
26AT/ENG274 Flamborough Head (Old) Humberside IO94xc
26AT/ENG275 Blackwall/Trinity Buoy Wharf London JO01am
26AT/ENG276 St. Ives West Pier Head Cornwall IO70hf
26AT/ENG277 Beaulieu Millenium Beacon/Beaulieu River Hampshire IO90hs
26AT/ENG278 Ellesmere Port/Upper Mersey Cheshire IO83ng
26AT/ENG279 Calshot Spit Light Float   IO90it
26AT/ENG280 Gravesend Pier (River Thames) Kent -
26AT/ENG281 Shornemead (River Thames) Kent -
26AT/ENG282 Blackpool Lancashire IO83lt
26AT/ENG283 Blyth High Northumberland -
26AT/ENG284 Brighton Marina West Breakwater Head West Sussex IO90wt
26AT/ENG285 Hastings Rear Rear East Sussex JO00gu
26AT/ENG286 Dover Knuckle/Knuckle (Dover Harbour) Kent JO01qc
26AT/ENG287 Ramsgate North Breakwater (Green) Kent JO01rh
26AT/ENG288 Ramsgate South Breakwater (Red) Kent JO01rh
26AT/ENG289 Stoneness Kent JO01dl
26AT/ENG290 Rye Harbour Breakwater West East Sussex -
26AT/ENG291 Rye Harbour East Pier LL East Sussex -
26AT/ENG292 Blakeney Mariners Norfolk H -
26AT/ENG293 St. Catherine's Oratory/The Pepper Pot Isle of Wight IO90io
26AT/ENG294 Dover BREAKWATER West End Kent JO01pc
26AT/ENG295 Freshwater (Isle of Wight) H    
26AT/ENG296 Sand End Lightfloat E. Yorkshire IO93vr
26AT/ENG297 Apex Lincolnshire -
26AT/ENG298 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG299 Fish Quay Low (Old) (North Shields) Tyne & Wear -
26AT/ENG300 Fish Quay Low (New) (North Shields) Tyne & Wear IO95ga
26AT/ENG301 Fish Quay High (North Shields) Tyne & Wear IO95ga
26AT/ENG302 Felixstowe Suffolk H -
26AT/ENG303 Gorleston Rear Range/Gorleston Norfolk JO02un
26AT/ENG304 Un-assigned    
26AT/ENG305 Hartlepool Old Point Cleveland IO94jq
26AT/ENG306 Un-assigned   JO01fl
26AT/ENG307 Purfleet Essex H -
26AT/ENG308 Salt End Yorkshire H -
26AT/ENG309 Whitstable Kent H -
26AT/ENG310 Winterton Norfolk JO02ur
26AT/ENG311 Kingswear (River Dart) Devon IO80fi
26AT/ENG312 Queen Anne's Battery Range Rear Devon IO70wi
26AT/ENG313 Shoreham Middle Pier Range Front East Sussex IO90vu
26AT/ENG314 Heugh Hill Northumberland IO95cq
26AT/ENG315 Plover Scar/Plover Scar Range Front Lancaster IO83nx
26AT/ENG317 Bootle/North Wall Merseyside H -
26AT/ENG318 Eastcote/Skinburness (Solway Firth) Cumbria IO84hv
26AT/ENG319 Lightship #1 (Mary Mouse 2/Haslar Marina) Gosport Hampshire -
26AT/ENG320 Lightship #15 (T.S. Trinity) River Blackwater Essex -
26AT/ENG321 Lightship #16 (T.S. Colne Light) River Colne  
26AT/ENG322 Lightship #55 (John Sebastian) River Avon  
26AT/ENG323 Burnham Old/Round Tower/Burnham-On-Sea Somerset IO81lg
26AT/ENG324 Portreath Cornwall -
26AT/ENG325 Lightship #80/T.S. Orwell (River Medway)    
26AT/ENG326 Lightship #87/Cromer Lightship (River Orwell)    
26AT/ENG327 Lightship #88/T.S. Lord Nelson (Rochester)    
26AT/ENG329 Orfordness Low (Suffolk) H    
26AT/ENG330 Herd Groyne Tyne & Wear IO95ga
26AT/ENG331 Marazion Cornwall IO70gd
26AT/ENG332 Seaton High/Seaton Tower Seaton Carew IO94jq
26AT/ENG333 Burnham-on-sea Seafront RR (Somerset)    
26AT/ENG334 Rye Harbour (East Sussex)    
26AT/ENG335 Avonmouth (Avon)    
26AT/ENG336 Blyth Low (Northumberland)    
26AT/ENG337 Hoylake Low (Merseyside)    
26AT/ENG338 Newhaven West Pier (East Sussex)    
26AT/ENG339 Silloth Pier (Cumbria)    
26AT/ENG340 Weston Point (Cheshire)    
26AT/ENG341 Folkestone South Quay (Kent)    
26AT/ENG342 Ince (Cheshire)    
26AT/ENG343 Dungeness (Oldest) Kent H -
26AT/ENG344 Portland North East Breakwater Head Dorset IO80sn



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