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14AT105RIP cher Président !!! Condoléances à la famille(01.03.2021, 15:27)(15:27)0
1AT285Ciao Aldo il N1 degli 11mt. R.I.P. condoglianze alla famiglia! 1AT285 Francesco(01.03.2021, 12:54)(12:54)0
30AT105R.I.P Aldo, sad news, my condolences to the family.(01.03.2021, 10:10)(10:10)0
108AT344R.I.P. Aldo my deepest condolences to your family(28.02.2021, 19:35)(19:35)0
14AT397RIP dear Aldo(28.02.2021, 19:08)(19:08)0
34AT037R.I.P Dear Aldo.Condolences to family and friends A.T. Forever(28.02.2021, 17:13)(17:13)0
1AT387So much disappointment. Condolences to his wife and son. An intense thought. I am aware that nothing will be the same in the AT group. Good dx 1at1(28.02.2021, 15:47)(15:47)0
1at191RIP Aldo, Condoglianze alla tua famiglia da 1AT191 Massimo(28.02.2021, 15:35)(15:35)0
14AT314RIP Aldo, You will stay alive in our hearts for ever. Condolences to the Family(28.02.2021, 09:58)(09:58)0
29AT374R.I.P. Aldo - Condolences to your family and friends.(28.02.2021, 09:39)(09:39)0
14AT049R.I.P. dear President!!! Condolences to the family(28.02.2021, 07:42)(07:42)0
26AT154True gentleman, my sincere condolences to Aldo's family and friends A.T. Forever(28.02.2021, 02:56)(02:56)0
2AT017With our sincere condolences to Aldo's family and friends... Rip(28.02.2021, 00:00)(00:00)0
14AT518R.I.P. Aldo - Condolences to your family(27.02.2021, 17:48)(17:48)0
1AT499condoglianze a tutti i componenti della famiglia(27.02.2021, 16:40)(16:40)0
30AT274descansa en paz amigo Aldo,mi mas sentido pesame para la familia.(27.02.2021, 14:07)(14:07)0
26AT141R.I.P Mr Aldo , Condolences to family and friends(27.02.2021, 13:07)(13:07)0
1AT739R.I.P. Dear Friend Aldo, Condolences to his Family(27.02.2021, 13:00)(13:00)0
330AT101R.I.P. Mr. Aldo, thank you for all you have done for the 11 meters band, you will stay for ever in our minds ! Condolences to the family.. 330AT101 Mike, Slovakia Director(27.02.2021, 12:36)(12:36)0
13AT027Rest in Peace in Haven Dear Mr.Aldo(27.02.2021, 11:56)(11:56)0
1AT793have a nice trip mr. President 1at793 vittorio clear skies..............(27.02.2021, 11:49)(11:49)0
1AT474riposa Aldo(27.02.2021, 11:47)(11:47)0
1AT216Ciao Aldo73 rip da 1At216 Natale(27.02.2021, 11:43)(11:43)0
14AT062RIP Aldo, tu resteras toujours dans nos pensées. Condoléances à la famille.(27.02.2021, 11:29)(11:29)0
15AT011Un caro saluto ad Aldo da tutte le unita della Svizzera e del Cantone Ticino R.I.P 15at011 Claudio(27.02.2021, 10:14)(10:14)0
1AT284Riposa in pace..Aldo, cercheremo di preservare quello che hai costruito..Condoglianze alla famiglia.(27.02.2021, 08:21)(08:21)0
1AT1224Dearest Aldo, the whole world of AT and others is crying at you. It only happened yesterday but we all miss you already. Your presence will always be among us, your children, your students .... those you taught the world of radio. 1AT1224 Andrea and Fermo(27.02.2021, 08:19)(08:19)0
14AT072With sadness to hear from ur departure Aldo, u create more than a radio group but a radio family, thanks for unforgettable moments at ur garden and meetings. RIP Aldo . condolences to the family.(27.02.2021, 07:23)(07:23)0
19AT066RIP dear Aldo 1AT001 My dear President .My Condolences to Fiorella - Emanuele and all AT members .I bigg lost(27.02.2021, 06:17)(06:17)0
4AT129R.I.P. Mr Aldo, condolences to the family.(27.02.2021, 02:44)(02:44)0
161AT482R.I.P Aldo dear... :-((27.02.2021, 00:24)(00:24)0
13AT398R.I.P. friend Aldo 1AT001- Condolences to all his family.(26.02.2021, 21:08)(21:08)0
26AT043R.I.P. Aldo 1AT001, A kind gentleman and great radio friend to many around the world. Emanuele Russi my thoughts and prayers with you and your family. 73s 26AT043(26.02.2021, 21:05)(21:05)0
19AT515Thank you Aldo for all you did for the 11 meter band, we will never ever forget you, Please rest in piece.(26.02.2021, 21:01)(21:01)0
16AT129very sad news today R.I.P. Mr Aldo Nice to meet you in 1986 at the meeting in Riemst Belgium Condolences to his Family(26.02.2021, 19:57)(19:57)0
1AT119ciao Mr President thanks for all R.I.P. 1AT119 and Roma district(26.02.2021, 19:40)(19:40)0
1AT290Life is a journey that allows us to make friends with many people on our way. But only a few will be able to remain forever in our hearts. You will be one of them. We will miss you President. R.I.P.(26.02.2021, 19:32)(19:32)0
329AT119Rest in peace, Deepest condolences to Ald's family(26.02.2021, 19:30)(19:30)0
26AT338R.I.P. Aldo, Thoughts with Family and Friends. With many thanks for your huge contribution to radio.(26.02.2021, 18:31)(18:31)0
9AT124R.I.P. ALDO, thanks for the many QSO's. From all A T members in Quebec Canada(26.02.2021, 18:27)(18:27)0
25AT025Il presidente mondiale Aldo, sarà in me per sempre. Grazie mille. E grazie per il tuo duro lavoro.(26.02.2021, 18:24)(18:24)0
1AT398R.I.P. Aldo. Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 18:08)(18:08)0
35AT555Our deepest condolences to the family, Aldo you are always in our mind and heart, without AT never found so many friends R.I.P. dear Aldo(26.02.2021, 18:05)(18:05)0
1AT478R.I.P dear President Aldo, condolences to the family(26.02.2021, 17:59)(17:59)0
21AT101Your memory will never fade. Rest in peace. de 21AT101 Göran(26.02.2021, 17:57)(17:57)0
165AT017R.I.P. Aldo, "AT PRESIDENT" forever.(26.02.2021, 17:55)(17:55)0
47at121R.I.P Aldo Tnx qso and qsl cards Condolences to the family(26.02.2021, 17:48)(17:48)0
13AT260Never met you, not even had a QSO with you. Thanks for your work and passion for the 11m community. R.I.P dear Aldo(26.02.2021, 17:25)(17:25)0
14AT090R.I.P. Aldo 1AT001.Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 16:59)(16:59)0
14AT375R.I.P Aldo, R.I.P dear President and thank you for all- Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 16:56)(16:56)0
14AT042R.I.P Aldo, R.I.P dear President and thank you for all- Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 16:51)(16:51)0
1AT052R.I.P. Aldo 1AT001.Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 16:41)(16:41)0
13AT039My condolences to the family and to the AT family. Aldo will live in us forever, AT-Forever R.I.P(26.02.2021, 16:16)(16:16)0
30AT184RIP Dear Aldo. Forever with us.(26.02.2021, 16:12)(16:12)0
26AT077R.I.P Aldo 1AT001 President AT - Condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 15:57)(15:57)0
1AT267Thank for all Mr. Aldo and R.I.P. , dear President !(26.02.2021, 15:17)(15:17)0
1AT706R.I.P. dear President!!! Condolences to the family(26.02.2021, 14:41)(14:41)0
26AT015RIP Dear friend Aldo 1AT001 - Your legacy will live on for many years - Never forgotten - Steve 26AT015/268AT0(26.02.2021, 14:35)(14:35)0
1AT453Sò che ci mancherai a tutti quanti saluto Fiorella e ancora condoglianze(26.02.2021, 14:32)(14:32)0
1AT783R.I.P. dear President!!! Condolences to the family(26.02.2021, 13:47)(13:47)0
1AT665R.I.P. Aldo - Condolences to your family(26.02.2021, 13:19)(13:19)0
12AT189My condolences to the family and to the AT family, QEPD(26.02.2021, 13:13)(13:13)0
68AT145sad news about Aldo, rest easy, my condolences to the family(26.02.2021, 12:55)(12:55)0
14AT377RIP, Aldo 1AT001 and condoléances to family.(26.02.2021, 12:23)(12:23)0
34AT020Deepest condolence to Aldo´s family, Rest in Peace(26.02.2021, 12:13)(12:13)0
19AT111R.I.P. dear Mr. Aldo, condolences to family and friends.(26.02.2021, 12:04)(12:04)0
15AT157my condolences to the family and to the AT family. Aldo will live in us forever, AT-Forever, 11 m passion, Aldo grazie per tutto ...(26.02.2021, 11:50)(11:50)0
30AT278From Cádiz (Spain) I want to send to his family and to all the members of this association, my most affectionate condolences on the death of our President Aldo. Rest in peace...(26.02.2021, 11:39)(11:39)0
30AT114R.I.P. friend Aldo 1AT001- Condolences to all his family.(26.02.2021, 11:23)(11:23)0
14AT082all my thoughts are for you.
Stay in Peace, dear old Chap ! My Dad for the DX !!! Jean p
(26.02.2021, 11:08)(11:08)0
14AT082Hi all friends, I remember all my travels in Asti meeting's, Roma, dx's expéditions IOTA, AT'dx, AT 0... All greatest time in several countries meeting's... And of course, the warm welcome in his house, with all friends, and his familly ! My thoughts are f(26.02.2021, 10:54)(10:54)0
329AT103R.I.P. dear Aldo, 11m will no longer be the same without you. Condolences to Aldo's family and friends.(26.02.2021, 10:46)(10:46)0
1AT1931hi Aldo...
the dad of 11 meters
(26.02.2021, 10:03)(10:03)0
14AT119Rest in Peace Cher Président Aldo1AT001, sincère condolences to the Family(26.02.2021, 09:45)(09:45)0
161AT034Words cannot even begin to express our sorrow, you are in our prayers. 161AT34 Slawek(26.02.2021, 09:40)(09:40)0
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